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Planning Models

Field Service Routing

Your users benefit from reduced drive time by 35%, significant fuel savings, boosted technician productivity and seamless automated planning.

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Employee scheduling

Speed up your development process by customizing our Employee Scheduling model template. Minimize overtime, automate planning and benefit from cost savings.

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Last Mile Delivery Routing

Optimize final mile logistics with automated, optimal route scheduling for package delivery teams.

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Vehicle Routing (VRP)

Determines the most efficient routes for a fleet of vehicles to visit multiple destinations, considering factors like distance, vehicle capacity, time windows, and customer preferences to optimize delivery or service operations.

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Order picking

Organizes the selection and retrieval of items from a warehouse or storage facility to fulfill customer orders efficiently, minimizing travel time and labor costs while ensuring accuracy and timely delivery.

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Maintenance Scheduling

Plans and schedules maintenance tasks for equipment, machinery, or infrastructure to prevent breakdowns, optimize performance, and minimize downtime, balancing maintenance costs with operational needs.

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Job Shop Scheduling

Allocates resources and schedules production tasks in manufacturing environments with diverse equipment and processes, aiming to minimize idle time, maximize throughput, and meet delivery deadlines.

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Food packaging

Designs efficient packaging processes for food products, considering factors like product integrity, shelf life, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness, while ensuring food safety and quality standards are met.

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Order Fulfillment Routing

Coordinates the movement of goods through various stages of the fulfillment process, from receiving orders to picking, packing, and shipping, optimizing workflows to meet customer demands efficiently and accurately.

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