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Easily integrate scheduling AI in your field service software.

Your users benefit from reduced drive time by 35%,
significant fuel savings, boosted technician productivity
and seamless automated planning.

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  • Reduce travel time by up to 35%
  • Customize for your specific needs
  • Update planning in real-time

A developer platform to Optimize your Field Service software

Add AI-powered constraint optimization in your Field Service software.

  • Developer platform with ready-made field service routing solver model

  • Customizable: add any business rule (constraint)

  • Recommendation engine suggesting technician backups

  • Real-time planning, cater for unexpected events

  • Continuous planning allows for stronger forward looking schedule.

  • Fully managed or self-hosted, accessible as API

  • Route 1000s of technicians in seconds.

  • Publish dispatch overview to technicians

What our customers say about Timefold

"The Timefold platform is better than anything we have ever seen or used before. By optimizing the planning, we reduce the workload for our people and make our transports more environmentally friendly. In this way, the circle is complete."

Gregoire ChovéGregoire ChovéManaging Director, Ecoprogram Flotte

Timefold is for

  • Field Service Saas

    • Timefold optimizes routes for thousands of technicians automatically.
    • Integrate Timefold in your SaaS so you can focus on developing other core-features.
  • In-house Development Teams

    • In need of a custom mobile workforce routing solution
    • Development team able to integrate and customize scheduling model template
    • Looking to build an in-house solution

Start with the preconfigured constraints in our model template

Weight existing constraints or add your own custom ones for your use case

  • Skill

    Assign the right person for the job. Match skills to tasks for efficient assignments.

  • Minimize Travel Time

    Reduce time travelling and schedule more visits, reduce fuel consumption and increase your bottom line.

  • Fairness

    Equal distribution of desirable shifts and hours among field engineers.

  • Shift Limit

    Respect technicians’ working hours. Keeping into account start and end locations.

  • Multi-Day Completion

    Cater for larger jobs that take multiple days to complete.

  • See full list in our documentation

With Timefold you avoid these common pitfalls in field service routing

  • Pitfall: Failing to dynamically adjust service windows based on real-time operational data can lead to inefficient scheduling and reduced service capacity.

    Timefold Solution: The "Planning window" feature dynamically adjusts scheduling windows, leveraging operational data to optimize service timelines and maximize capacity, aligning both technician availability and customer demand.

  • Pitfall: Overlooking the correct task sequence in field service routing can lead to revisits or cause delays.

    Timefold Solution: Timefold employs "Visit Dependencies" to manage task sequencing, ensuring tasks are scheduled with appropriate delays and in the correct order. This feature supports logical and efficient task sequencing, adhering to operational requirements and constraints.

  • Pitfall: Inefficient allocation of vehicle and technician resources, without considering their specific constraints, leads to lost opportunities and costs.

    Timefold Solution: The "Vehicle" and "Vehicle shift" configurations enables allocation of resources based on specific operational constraints and capabilities.

  • Pitfall: Ignoring real-time travel time changes in your technician routing can lead to inefficiency and delays in field service routing.

    Timefold Solution: Timefold utilizes "Travel Time Adjustment" to dynamically adapt schedules, ensuring accurate and efficient routing despite real-time traffic changes.

Timefold FAQs

  • Timefold is designed for easy integration with a wide range of Field Service Management software through API connectivity. We provide detailed documentation and support for REST APIs, allowing seamless data exchange and functionality within your existing software ecosystem.

  • Timefold offers both a fully managed cloud service and an on-premise (self-hosted) option, giving you the flexibility to choose the deployment that best fits your security, control, and infrastructure needs.

  • Our platform offers extensive customization through a powerful rule engine that allows you to define specific scheduling rules, constraints, and preferences. From setting individual employee availability to complex labor compliance requirements, Timefold can be tailored to meet the precise needs of your organization, ensuring that your scheduling is both efficient and compliant.

  • We prioritize data privacy and security. Our system uses encryption for data in transit and at rest, regular security audits, and access controls to ensure that your employee information is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

  • Our solution utilizes dynamic scheduling algorithms that can quickly adapt to changes, such as fluctuating demand, employee availability, or last-minute absences. Timefold's flexibility ensures that your scheduling remains optimal, responsive, and resilient to change, minimizing disruptions and maintaining operational efficiency.

  • We typically see gains of 25-35% less drive time before and after integrating Timefold. This directly impacts fuel costs, reduced labor costs due to minimized over time and. As this also results in performing more jobs with the same staff you can easily see why you need Timefold for your technician routing.

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