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Production Line Optimization. Maximize efficiency with Timefold.

Optimize your production processes with advanced planning and scheduling solutions from Timefold.

  • REST API - JSON in/out

    Harness the power of AI-driven optimization technology by sending your production planning problem to our REST API and receive an optimized solution. Tailored to the complexities of managing production processes.

  • Your preffered way of hosting

    Host Timefold on-premise using a Docker image and your preferred hosting solution, or leverage our technology via the Timefold hosted cloud platform.

  • Designed for full flexibility

    • Adapt in real-time to changes in production demands, such as new orders, equipment breakdowns, or changes in resource availability.
    • Continuously plan production schedules for days, weeks, or even months ahead.
    • Maintain control with manual scheduling when needed.

For Production Managers

Timefold optimizes your production lines

Discover how Timefold's efficient production line optimization can boost efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality. Automatically create production plans tailored to your resources and constraints.

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For Manufacturing Software Providers

Enhance your manufacturing software

Timefold optimizes production processes seamlessly. Integrate Timefold into your software to focus on enhancing your core features and providing customers with top-notch planning and scheduling capabilities.

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Optimized Production Line Planning with Timefold

  • Resource Allocation

    Optimize resource allocation to maximize production efficiency while minimizing downtime and resource waste.

  • Quality Control

    Implement quality control measures in your production processes to ensure consistent product quality.

  • Inventory Optimization

    Minimize excess inventory while ensuring timely availability of raw materials for production.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Optimize production schedules to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

  • Maintenance time

    Schedule equipment maintenance to prevent breakdowns and production disruptions.

  • Production Cost Management

    Optimize production plans to reduce costs associated with labor, materials, and production time.

  • Production Line Balancing

    Balance production lines to ensure smooth workflow and avoid bottlenecks or idle machinery.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Ensure compliance with industry regulations and safety standards in your production processes.

  • Custom constraints?

    Your unique business rule can be translated into an actionable constraint.

18 years of Planning Optimization

18 years ago I started OptaPlanner as an Open Source project and built a team around it, at Red Hat.

Now we are continuing the project as a dedicated company under the Timefold brand. Improving on our already existing product, building with the co-creators of OptaPlanner.

Geoffrey De Smet - Co-founder & CTO, Timefold
Geoffrey De Smet

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Optimize your production processes with advanced planning and scheduling solutions from Timefold.

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