OptaPlanner EOL notice - Timefold offers support

Timefold, a new company co-founded by OptaPlanner creator Geoffrey De Smet and Maarten Vandenbroucke, is excited to announce the fork of the popular open-source project, OptaPlanner. This marks the beginning of a new era in the operational planning optimization space, with Timefold Community offering enhanced performance, reduced distribution size, and improved documentation over its predecessor.

OptaPlanner, used by thousands of organizations worldwide, has matured over seventeen years, including a decade under Red Hat’s guidance. However, when Red Hat changed strategy last year, the project needed a new, sustainable future. Timefold was created to address this need and help the open-source project reach its full potential.

Timefold Community is an Apache-licensed open-source solver that optimizes operational planning. Backed by Timefold BV, a professional open-source company, the project offers a subscription with professional support and high-scalability features to fund the continued development of the free, open-source project. Timefold has received funding from Smartfin, an open-source minded venture capital firm that fully supports the company’s vision.

With a mission to free the world from wasteful scheduling, Timefold is dedicated to making planning optimization easy to understand and use. The platform leverages advanced AI solver algorithms and code programmable constraint models in Java, Python, and Kotlin, setting it apart from other solvers in the market. Timefold remains committed to being open-source, ensuring no barrier to entry for any team wishing to use the software.

As Timefold continues to grow, the company is actively engineers and experts to explore ways to make planning optimization even more accessible. To stay up to date with the latest developments, follow Timefold on Twitter or LinkedIn.

For more information about Timefold, visit timefold.ai or learn more about why we forked OptaPlanner.

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