OptaPlanner EOL notice - Timefold offers support

Zurich - Ghent - Swiss-based e-switch Solutions and Timefold announce a partnership to optimize maintenance and service management.

About e-switch Solutions

Founded in 1999: e-switch Solutions is a leading solutions provider, specializing in maintenance and service management. Offering Mobile SAP solutions which are adopted by leading companies like Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, Airport Zürich or Scottish Power.

e-switch Solutions‘ The Visual Planning Board® for dispatchers is an ideal solution for efficient scheduling featuring seamless integration with SAP and Real-Time updates. Their mobile solution, mCompanion®, supports technicians on-site throughout the entire process chain and is available on all leading mobile platforms. Additionally, their checklist tool, mcCheckList®, aids with digital checklists to help adhere to and document work processes, integrated with SAP data.

e-switch Solutions fuels maintenance scheduling with Timefold

The Visual Planning Board® by e-switch Solutions features an innovative OTS module (Optimized Task Scheduling), originally based on the OptaPlanner open-source project.

Recognizing the advancements and superior capabilities of Timefold, the evolution of OptaPlanner, e-switch Solutions strategically opted to integrate Timefold into their platform. Ensuring that e-Switch remains at the forefront of service and maintenance management innovation.

The strategic partnership with Timefold is an important step for the future. Our SAP expertise in the area of service and maintenance, supplemented by the solver component from Timefold, expands our Visual Planning Board with a powerful optimizer for automatic resource planning. In view of the growing demand for optimizer solutions, we are confident that e-switch is optimally equipped for the future.

– Thorsten Waldner from e-switch Solutions.

About Timefold

Timefold created an AI-powered, Open Source planning technology platform designed to enhance operational efficiency across various industries. Timefold offers tools to solve complex planning problems through mathematical optimization and makes it accessible for developers.

Diverse Industry Applications: Off the shelf, Timefold’s customizable planning models cater for common, yet complex planning problems. Ranging from Maintenance Scheduling, Vehicle Routing, to Employee Scheduling and Production line scheduling. These models can be tailored to fit the specific needs and nuances of individual use cases.

Proprietary with Maven Repository: This option includes a proprietary but open-source accessible platform, available through the Timefold Maven repository with solver jars and a quickstarts repo.

Managed Solution with Container Registry: Alternatively, Timefold provides a managed solution available via its container registry, including Docker images and helm charts, complemented by an API service.

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