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Order Picking Optimization

Dispatch faster and more efficiently.

  • REST API - JSON in/out

    Harness the power of AI-driven optimization technology by sending your planning problem to our REST API and we return you an optimized solution. Catering to the complexities of shipping orders faster.

  • Your preferred way of hosting

    Host Timefold on-premise via a docker image and your preferred hosting solution. Or leverage our technology via the Timefold hosted cloud platform.

  • Designed for full flexibility

    • Adapt in real-time to changes in the environment, such as new orders, delays or employee availability.
    • Continuous planning, allowing to plan ahead for days, weeks or even months, while only publishing the short term planning.
    • Remain in control with manual pinning of specific routes, drivers or vehicles.

For operations managers

Find the quickest warehouse routes

Contact us to explore how our advanced optimization can enhance your picking efficiency and reduce operational costs. Our automated planning adapts to your warehouse layout and product placement, ensuring optimal picking results.

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For Order Picking SaaS

Integrate the best solver

Enhance your Order Picking Solution with Timefold's advanced scheduling capabilities. Seamlessly integrate Timefold into your platform, empowering you to elevate your core features

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Optimized Warehouse Order Picking scheduling for your business constraints and rules

  • Minimized Travel Distance

    Efficiently minimize trolley travel distances

  • Time Windows

    Define specific time frames during which orders must be picked and packed.

  • Product Priority

    Prioritize the picking of certain products based on factors like demand, shelf life, or customer preferences.

  • Batch Picking

    Optimize for picking multiple orders at once to reduce travel time within the warehouse.

  • Prevent Mixing

    Prevent mixing items from different orders in the same container

  • Trolley Slot Allocation

    Allocate sufficient containers for each order on a trolley

  • Capacity Management

    Maintain optimal container capacity to avoid exceeding item volume

  • Order Splitting Reduction

    Minimize the division of orders among different trolleys for enhanced efficiency

  • Time Windows

    Ensure specific team members are always on the same shift

  • Safety Rules

    Ensure that picking routes adhere to safety regulations and avoid hazardous areas.

  • Picker Fairness

    Balance the workload among pickers to prevent overburdening certain individuals.

  • Custom constraints?

    Your unique business rule can be translated into an actionable constraint.

18 years of Planning Optimization

18 years ago I started OptaPlanner as an Open Source project and built a team around it, at Red Hat.

Now we are continuing the project as a dedicated company under the Timefold brand. Improving on our already existing product, building with the co-creators of OptaPlanner.

Geoffrey De Smet - Co-founder & CTO, Timefold
Geoffrey De Smet

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Dispatch faster and more efficiently.

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