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Blog posts tagged with java

How to speed up Timefold Solver Startup Time by 20x with native images

Discover how to build a Spring native image and the benefits from doing so.

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How fast is Java 22?

Explore the performance of Java 22 against Java 21, this time also with GraalVM.

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Continuous Planning Optimization with Pinning

Discover how to make non-disruptive, feasible adjustments to your already in-progress plans with Timefold, ensuring real-time adaptability to unexpected changes.

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Fast Planning Optimization with the Recommended Fit API

Discover how Timefold's Recommended Fit API offers swift, feasible adjustments to your plans, ensuring real-time adaptability to unexpected changes.

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Use Multiple Solvers in the Same Application

Learn how to configure and inject multiple SolverManager instances in one application using Timefold Solver, tackling distinct planning problems seamlessly.

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Generate the optimal soccer schedule with Timefold

Learn how to code an automated tournament scheduling service with Timefold Solver

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Migrate from score DRL to Constraint Streams

Migrate from OptaPlanner's score DRL to Constraint Streams in Timefold Solver for better performance and maintenance.

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Fueling Planning Optimization in Spring Boot

Discover how Timefold transforms Spring Boot into a versatile planning powerhouse, tackling complex optimization challenges with ease. Explore the benefits and integration steps in this article. Time to supercharge your Spring Boot projects!

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How fast is Java 21?

Explore the performance of Java 21 against Java 17, revealing minor improvements in micro-benchmarks and real-world scenarios.

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