OptaPlanner EOL notice - Timefold offers support

Every new company need a logo. So did Timefold. When starting a company, one of the most fun tasks is creating the logo. Far more exciting than VAT accounting, I can tell you.

Of course, a good logo is important: It’s hard to change. It must be able to stand the test of time. It should fit on a variety of media. So we hired a professional to help us: Ivo Blomme, a digital and brand designer with years of experience. He took us through the process of creating a good logo. Based on our input, he created these:

The 2 options left to choose from

The left one is based on the rectangles of a physical calendar. The right one, with a fold in it, is based on a fold in space and time. Which logo would you have picked?

It was a though call, but we ended going for the second one. It’s loosely based on the idea of folding space and time:

Fold space and time

Our designer even showed us how it would look on digital devices:

The draft logo on two devices

Now, we don’t have any plans to create a mobile app. But it would look good, wouldn’t it?

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