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September 12th, 2023

Timefold Solver Community Edition 1.2.0

Timefold Solver Community Edition 1.2.0, is here, with a focus on enhancing your experience. In this update, we’ve resolved long-standing bugs to ensure a smoother Timefold journey. Upgrade now to enjoy a more seamless planning optimization experience!


🐛 Fixes

  • avoid metaspace leak by no longer using the LambdaMetaFactory (#257), closes #257
  • Make KOptListMove work in multithreaded environments
  • Make KOptListMoveSelector work when moveThreadCount != NONE
  • make SolutionManager.update() work on list variable as well
  • avoid fail-fast to make SolutionManager.update() work on chained variable
  • address some bugs suggested by Sonar

🔄️ Changes

  • Changes code to use Java 17's instanceof pattern matching

🧰 Tasks

  • better exception when auto-discovery enabled under Quarkus

📝 Documentation

  • refactor content for a cleaner ToC


We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions:

Timefold Solver Community Edition is an open source project, and you are more than welcome to contribute as well! For more, see Contributing.

Should your business need to scale to truly massive data sets or require enterprise-grade support, check out Timefold Solver Enterprise Edition.

How to use Timefold Solver

To see Timefold Solver in action, check out the quickstarts.

With Maven or Gradle, just add the ai.timefold.solver : timefold-solver-core : 1.2.0 dependency to get started.

You can also import the Timefold Solver Bom (ai.timefold.solver : timefold-solver-bom : 1.2.0) to avoid duplicating version numbers when adding other Timefold Solver dependencies later on.

Additional notes

The changelog and the list of contributors above are automatically generated and manually tweaked. They exclude contributions to certain areas of the repository, such as CI and build automation. This is done for the sake of brevity and to make the user-facing changes stand out more.

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