OptaPlanner EOL notice - Timefold offers support
December 4th, 2023

Timefold Solver 0.8.42

End of life

Timefold Solver 0.8.42 is the final release in the 0.8.x line. As both Quarkus 2.x and Spring Boot 2.x reached their public end of life, Timefold can no longer guarantee timely resolution to any current and future security vulnerabilities. We ask users to upgrade to Timefold Solver 1.x, which is actively maintained and will continue so for many years to come.

OptaPlanner 8.x compatibility

At the time of Timefold Solver 0.8.42 release (December 4, 2023), the latest available release of OptaPlanner 8.x was 8.44.0.Final, released three months ago (September 6, 2023). Timefold Solver 0.8.42 is functionally identical with OptaPlanner 8.44.0.Final, but it brings additional bugfixes, performance improvements and dependency upgrades to fix security vulnerabilities.


5d6bd81 fix: example app logo transparency da64374 fix: Support repeatable annotations like ShadowVariable in Quarkus 706df9f fix: Make empty app check also test for planning entities in spring b1cb26d fix: Do not fail-fast in spring boot extension if there no @PlanningSolution or @PlanningEntity classes 5abd3d4 fix: depend on spring-boot-starter in the starter module 0179616 fix: Deep clone unknown classes in GIZMO solution cloner 647fc2e deps: bump version.ch.qos.logback to 1.2.13 240e826 deps: bump version.org.apache.poi to 5.2.5 6b493cf deps: bump version.org.springframework.boot to 2.7.18 51a587a deps: bump version.io.quarkus to 2.16.12.Final

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