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We have just released Timefold Solver 0.8.42. With this release, Timefold Solver 0.8 has reached End Of Life. Read on to find out why we are doing this, and what it means for you.

What is End Of Life?

End Of Life (EOL) means that Timefold will no longer provide support for Timefold Solver 0.8. There will be no new releases from the 0.8 branch, no more bugfixes and no more security updates. Upgrade to Timefold Solver 1.x to continue to receive updates.

Why has Timefold Solver 0.8 reached End Of Life?

Timefold Solver 0.8 is built on technologies which have themselves reached their respective EOL. Spring Boot 2’s final release is 2.7.18, and the final release of Quarkus 2 is 2.16.12.Final. Without support from these projects, Timefold can no longer provide users of Timefold Solver 0.8 with security updates.

What does this mean for you?

At the time of writing, Timefold Solver 1.4.0 is the current stable release of Timefold Solver. It contains the latest innovations, as well as all available bugfixes and the most recent security updates. It will be supported for many years to come. If you’re already on Timefold Solver 1.x, you’re all set.

Upgrading to Timefold Solver 1.x

The process to upgrade to latest Timefold Solver consists of several steps. First, upgrade your codebase to the latest Timefold like so:

mvn org.openrewrite.maven:rewrite-maven-plugin:5.28.0:run -Drewrite.recipeArtifactCoordinates=ai.timefold.solver:timefold-solver-migration:1.9.0 -Drewrite.activeRecipes=ai.timefold.solver.migration.ToLatest
curl https://timefold.ai/product/upgrade/upgrade-timefold.gradle > upgrade-timefold.gradle ; gradle -Dorg.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx2G --init-script upgrade-timefold.gradle rewriteRun -DtimefoldSolverVersion=1.9.0 ; rm upgrade-timefold.gradle

Note that:

  • Timefold Solver 1.x, as well as Spring Boot 3 and Quarkus 3, requires Java 17 or higher.

  • Timefold Solver 1.x does not support scoreDRL, nor is it upgraded automatically. If you’re still using the legacy scoreDRL from OptaPlanner 7.x, which was already deprecated in OptaPlanner 8, please upgrade to Constraint Streams first.

Next steps depend on whether your project uses Spring Boot or Quarkus:

  • If your project uses Spring Boot, follow the Spring Boot 3 migration guide to upgrade from Spring Boot 2 to Spring Boot 3.

  • If your project uses Quarkus, follow the Quarkus 3.0 migration guide to upgrade from Quarkus 2 to Quarkus 3.

  • If your project uses neither of these, skip these steps.

Having completed these steps, you are now on the latest Timefold Solver and you can enjoy all the latest features and bugfixes. Should you encounter any issues during the upgrade process, kindly contact us on Github and we will investigate.

Timefold customers can also contact our support directly.


Timefold Solver 0.8 has reached End of Life (EOL). Please upgrade to Timefold Solver 1.x now, to receive the latest and greatest features and bugfixes.

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